Creative Writing: Agent Fox Types

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“It is not coming in, which means the suspects created a device that blocks our signals.”
“Can I see the photos that they took of my dad’s office?”
“I can get them sent here right away.” Agent Fox pushed a series of buttons and a keyboard showed up in midair made up of a series of lights. Agent Fox types in the keys and clicks on the first link and a series of pictures float around the room. I am quick to realize it is my dad’s office and am horrified by what it looks like. The first picture I see is his trash can filled to the brim with jet black ash, smoke marks streak the side of the once polished metal desk. The next photo shows his lamp broken, with the shards of glass coating the floor, with blood mixed in some of the pieces.
“Did they compare that blood to my dad’s?”
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Then came a picture of a skeleton of the storage drawers, with all the drawers scattered around the room. One was lying below a giant hole in the wall.
“This is the last picture, Agent.”
It was of his desk. His computer screen was destroyed and papers were scattered all over his desk with tips that were burnt and brown. I saw the picture of my family and knew that if I looked to the right it would be the picture of him and I at the baseball game. But when I looked over I screamed, right over my face was a red X with a line in the middle.
“What is it agent?”
“What was that red X over my face in the picture written in?”
“It was written in pigs
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