Creative Writing: Aisling Passed Away

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“I…hic…I don’t want to do this!” “Let me break that delusion of yours: you have no choice. Take the knife and do what you are told, Aisling.” The pencil tip tapped impatiently against her mother’s notebook, and each pointed descent further grated on her nerves, scraping against her eardrums. If asked, Aisling would insist that the woman before her wasn’t her mother…throughout her life, nay, existence; the woman had hardly ever showed her any warmth associated with such a role. And the near non-existent moments she had, it was to manipulate Aisling into doing what she wanted. Every interaction was bred out of necessity…were this not so important, she was sure the other would have given up years ago. Nearly lost and forgotten amongst the argument…show more content…
The environment worked against her, like most things, and she couldn’t mute the final scream of a snapped twig. At the noise, Mallory turned to face her, the moon at his back as their only caring witness. By then Aisling had slipped the knife into her stretched out sleeve which dangled over her hand. She had wanted to spare him…to…to make it quick. Mall….no her target brushed aside his hair, revealing a grim, resigned smile that held a hint of wryness around his upper lip giving it a subtle quirk. “There you are….was looking all over for you.” The words were hollow, rehearsed verses fitting for an unpracticed school play. Aisling didn’t buy it, likely he had known where she was the entire time. She stepped forward until they were within one another’s reach and he released his hands from his pockets. “I admit I was rather surprised you contacted me. Your text said you wanted to talk. So…” he shifted cagily, discomfort plain on his face as his syllables trickled away. Opening her mouth, she found herself with nothing to say…or perhaps she couldn’t bring herself to say it. Noting her internal struggle, Mallory offered a weak smile before it crumbled as easily as milk-soaked cookies. “I know…it won’t help you or erase what was done but…for what it IS worth, I am so sorry.” Not as sorry as she would be, Aisling wanted to argue but instead she closed her mouth and mimicked his expression, only hers was produced with more
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