Creative Writing: Amaimon Sniper

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Amaimon was so limp. It was as if he was half dead. His breathing was tagged and shallow. There were bruises all over his body, though they were mostly on his hips, shoulders and neck, anywhere father had found leverage for his thrusting. Anywhere his hands had grabbed and pulled. Samael was crying. He did not know how to stop. He was not sure he had it in him to even attempt to quell the sobs. He did not know why this was happening, was not sure what to do. Why was father doing this to him? It was obvious it wasn't consensual. It was obvious that this was rape, but he couldn't make himself even think those words. He could even think about it. Even with Amaimon right in front of him. Bloody, broken, limp. So young....yet so different. Same was on the verge of breaking down completely, yet the bone chilling numbness forced him into some fake semblance of control. Even as he paled and shook and panicked. Amaimon did not open his eyes when the blindfold was removed. It was…show more content…
He saw a door on the opposite side he had entered from and holding the earth King close he ran over to it, hoping it was a bathroom. Thankfully it was and the older turned on the water for the tub, Amaimon needed to be clean, he was bloody, sweaty, and covered in father's cum and scent. Before he had been forced out he would set Amaimon on the sink counter in their room before he started the tub, but he did not dare let go of his youngest brother now, clutching him to his chest. It was only after the water was started that he sat Amaimon down on the sink counter, looking his body and the bathroom over, there were two toothbrushes near the sink, hair bows and hair brushes. This had been happening for a very long time. Samael's heart somehow sunk even lower. How long had it been he wondered. How long had his brother had to suffer
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