Creative Writing: An Experience between Mother and Son

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Running through the hospitals long white halls, he thought that his mom was going to die. The paramedics were right in front of him, but it felt as if they were a thousand miles away. Reaching his hand out, he began to holler: PLEASE STOP! PLEASE!, the words brittled from his mouth. He fell onto his knees, in front of him the white floor had droplets of blood that was coming out of his mother. Time passes, the boy laying on the floor, motionless, Just looking at the flickering light above. I’ve found the boy, over. Bring him to O.R. #3. Gotcha. The nurse stopped and felt sympathy for the boy, he is lying on the ground just waiting. No child should go through this. The nurse said to herself. The nurse continued to walk, she as the boy lies on the ground; Hey buddy. How’s it going?. There was no answer from the boy. Lying down the cold floor was an indescribable pain. Come with me, okay? Reaching out her hand the boy responded by grabbing it. He looked up at the nurse, tears running down his face. The nurse did not want to show fear--but before looking for the boy, the nurse saw how severe the mother was. It was past twelve now, everything in the hospital is empty. Walking through the halls the boy saw how much pain and death there was in each room; unable to watch the pain he began to run. He ran down the hall as fast as he can, in his sight was an elevator. The sounds of coughing, vomiting, crying and yelling were just too much. The boy arrives to the elevator, the
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