Creative Writing As A Tool For Enhancing Algerian Efl

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Creative writing in EFL:
Creative writing has begun to gain its popularity in the field of EFL/ ESL. This issue is recently mostly intrigued the interest of many countries including, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, Ireland, United States and south Africa (Google Trends, 2015).
Alan Maley is considered as one of the pioneers in the field of teaching creative writing in EFL settings. He, in fact, has numerous scholarly articles on creative writing in teaching English on famous teaching- related journals and websites. As an illustration, it is worth mentioning one of his websites entitled operated by British Council and BBC. Those who are beginners in using creative writing in their classrooms can use one of his article which is based on a short- scale survey as a guide to teach it (Maley, 2009). As a consequence, it can be worth noting that this research will emphasize more on the use of creative writing’ characteristics as a tool for enhancing Algerian EFL writing skills rather than using it as an activity to become a published authored. Therefore, the main objective of the use of creative writing characteristics is to encourage creativity and free expression among EFL students, raise their motivation and critical thinking, become autonomous learners, and eventually have more opportunities to practice writing skills.

Benefits of creative writing for EFL learners:
Urlaub (2011) asserted that…

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