Creative Writing Assignment: A Prologue

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Prologue 'Why did you have to give them that look? They're most probably on to you right now and it's only a matter of time until they discover our true interests.' 'Well, I'm sorry, but I'm only human and it would be impossible for me to be as stone-cold as you all the time. We now need to get out of this place and find an environment where people can actually accept us as our true selves. I'm tired of trying to pose into something that I'm not…I'm tired of society constantly trying to make me adopt attitudes that I consider to be stressing and life-consuming.' 'Are you an idiot? Can't you realize that there's no place where we could be ourselves? The world is not exactly the warmest place available and people have generally been raised with principles that make it difficult for them to be open-minded, even with the progress that society experienced during recent years.' 'Well…maybe that's the problem…we're the problem while the whole world and the principles that it promotes are the solution. Maybe I want to be a normal individual living a boring life in a boring world. Maybe we overestimate the importance of the world boring and thus fail to see the beauty in normality.' 'I cannot possibly believe you are talking like this. I thought you really enjoyed our relationship and that you wanted what was best for us. You are a quitter and I am stupid for having played your game all along. I always thought you were better than this and this is why I invested all of my

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