Creative Writing: Aves Hardy Fasion

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“Terpsichore wept!” Aves cursed as paramedics pushed Elsa through the howling desert wind toward the ambulance. Pain, anguish, and pride road like the four horsemen though Aves spirt as the best dancer he had was loaded into the Ambulance. Her ankle was ruined, her potential destroyed, as another opportunity slipped from Aves fingers. “Father, it isn’t that bad. We can find another dancer, and if no one else is willing to try, I’ll do it myself.” She pleaded “The dance is difficult but I nearly have it mastered.” Aves peered over his fingers and narrowed his brow. “Gail, I strictly forbad you from practicing this! It’s too hard, too dangerous. This is a dance only a professional can perform.” Gail stepped back obviously hurt. Aves sighed and reached for her arms, rubbing her pale limbs as if to warm…show more content…
‘She’s young,’ He thought ‘but she’s a perfect heir to my fashion empire. Well, if I can build my empire.’ The empire ‘Aves Praedae Fasion’ rested on his belief in a discovery Gail had made while reading a archeological journal, one that both delighted them as an enigma, and now obsessed Aves after Gail worked out the riddle. “Look father, the circle guides the steps, the dots and lines are foot placements. Even the arrows and half arrows are merely guides for a dancer to follow. The summonsing circle for Terpsichore is actually a dance!” Gail pulled away from her father and walked back inside in introspective silence. Aves hated to see his daughter upset, but she didn’t understand the instructions, she didn’t realize that for inspiration straight from the Muse, sacrifices had to be made. Perspiration might well be the greatest part of inspiration, but if you wanted inspiration from a Muse, blood, sweat and pain were required. The dance was supposed to break bones, draw blood and in the end kill the dancer. It was a criminal act he was willing to commit for his daughter’s
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