Creative Writing: Beyond Karma

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Beyond Karma was a jumble of archaic occult objects and strange memorabilia. There were things in the store that a magician would love, but also an antique art dealer would have a field day with the place. There were books of all ages and condition lining the walls. There were crystals and voodoo dolls and strange bundles of tied sticks. The store smelled strongly of incense, and it irritated Angela’s nose, but it got better the longer you were in it. Angela walked up to the long counter toward the back wall. It’s clear glass outside showed off ancient tomes and various items of interest. There was even a jar with a two-headed pig fetus in one of the cases. On top of the counter was a bell. She rang it. It didn’t take long, and Viviana Talbot…show more content…
“I do,” Angela said. “I found some journal entries my sister wrote, and she says she was scared, but some of them don't make sense.” “You do know what sort of house you’re living in, don’t you?” Viviana asked. “Surely you’ve seen things. Heard things.” Angela thought for a moment about lying, but knew the woman across from her would sense it immediately. “Yeah. I heard my sister. I was upstairs, and at first wanted to pass it off as a hallucination, but I heard Lil’s voice. She was saying ‘Angie. Help me.’ It was her. I know it was.” She shivered and hugged herself to stifle the goose bumps rising on her arms. Thinking about it gave her chills. “You do think it was her?” “I have no doubt the spirits in that abode are restless. This town is full of wandering lost, but where you live is a darkness.” Viviana looked directly at Angela. “You haven’t told me everything, though, have you?” the psychic woman said. Angela shook her head. “No, I haven’t. There’s the basement. The place where it all happened. And ever since Lil died, I’ve had it boarded up. But recently, there have been sounds.” “Sounds?” Viviana asked. “Like voices, or…show more content…
“No mention of a dark-haired girl? A teenager?” “No.” The description of the teenager pulled at something in her subconscious. “Who is the girl?” “I’ll tell you what I can in a moment,” Viviana said, changing tack. “You want to talk to Lillian badly, don’t you?” Angela nodded her head. “There is a certain amount of danger to this, I won’t lie. Communicating with the dead always has its risks. They lie. They trick. Sometimes who you call isn’t the one who answers. And some questions you wish you knew the answers to, you find you didn’t want to know at all.” Angela nodded and sat up a little straighter. “I understand. This is something I have to do. Not only for me, but for finding justice for Lil.” “Sometimes that’s all any of us want, is justice,” Viviana said. “This is what we’re going to do. I’m going to show you a way into that other world. However, once you’re there, I can’t help you. You’re on your own. I have gifts that can help me to help you, but otherwise my talents are futile." “Why are they futile?" Angela asked. “Can’t you communicate with the dead? Don’t you have experience doing this?” Viviana glanced away before looking back at Angela, and her face was dark again. “Because what’s in that house now isn’t just dead.” Viviana said gravely. “It’s pure
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