Creative Writing: Blackhearts

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A veil of dark hair fell, shadowing the hunter’s eyes. “Uh-huh, don’t you dare. Don’t think, for one second, that I’m at fault here. Blackhearts, both of you,” Azhair yelled at the squires, “Only a certain class of person enjoys profiting from an Angel’s naive nature.” Oh, sweet Asa give me strength… Lifting his gaze to the delicate frescoes adorning a sky-high ceiling, Kian imagined the letters; P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E. in large, bold, black writing would not be amiss amongst the grand paintings, depicting Angels practicing temperance, wisdom, justice and courage. Since, when it involved these three hunters, Lord, but he needed constant reminding of the virtue. A sigh born of steely resolve and then he asked. “You haven’t been attending IAM?” Another part of their Code, the brothers must attend regular, Immortals Anonymous Meetings. Something…show more content…
“You play House Mom too?” The barb fell short. “Quit stalling.” A long, tension-filled second pulsed back and forth between the hunters, after which time, Azhair mumbled, and Kian could hear shame and remorse in his voice. “I’m sorry,” he prompted the hunter. “You gonna make me go there, huh?” One dark eyebrow rose, lifting the first of many silver piercings on the hunter’s body, this one, a hoop in his left brow, and as if he expected further arguing, he planted his boots apart and cranked his neck forward. “I said. I’ll sort it.” The words forced through clenched teeth, causing the cone Labrets to jut out from his bottom lip, resembling a bulldog’s overbite. A nonchalant shrug to counteract Azhair’s aggressive display he felt the muscles in his chest, back and arms shift and flex beneath the black combat jacket he wore, and although primed and ready for action, Kian headed for the door, calling over his shoulder. “You need therapy, bro. Give the gambling a rest, maybe, do a spot of hunting instead, we’re meeting in the
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