Creative Writing: Blood Brothers

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“No!” Phillip demanded, but before Russell could confirm the termination of the records from the computer he felt an intense pain spring out from his wrist that then it rocketed throughout his entire body. “Augh!” Russell cried as he felt himself being pulled back from the desk, the agony from searing pain guiding his every move, his control over himself stolen from him. Looking back at his brother while a mask of pure discomfort developed over his face, Russell saw Phillip holding his hand back in an awkward unnatural position. Phillip then applied pressure again bending Russell’s hand even further, and Russell couldn’t help himself but to fall to his knees in complete submission. After another scream had slipped from his lips, Russell then…show more content…
It was his fault after all, all of it, Phillip was sure of that. If he hadn’t been trying to be such a bully all the time none of this would have ever happened, he then told himself over-and-over self-assured. Why can’t the damn volunteers stick their noses in our world and control Russell’s behavior for once? They seems to be doing a fine job of controlling everyone else’s thoughts. Phillip thought to himself with a growing internal defiance. If they would have convinced Russell to not be such a jerk for once, then I would have never had to hurt his…show more content…
He knew that by now knowing the truth that the volunteers were nothing more than oppressors and that his world wasn’t real, had changed his reality. He had restored a sense of self-government in himself that they could not control. Phillip knew that when he really wanted to stop his brother, when he truly became determined to want to hurt Russell for being such a jerk, he was able to overcome the programming that dominated his world—the world the volunteers had created for him—and had totalitarian control his mind. And as a result, the program that was his reality had to follow suit and had to conform itself to his actions. It was forced into caving into his demands or risk being exposed. It was a an override feature, a default. He could do it again, Phillip was sure of it. He could now control the outcomes of things like a god, or at least the supreme controller of his own life, like things should have always been. This meant the ability to fight back, though. It was a power in which he would wield and wield alone. But, it didn’t do any good without the records. Having to delete them and being grounded from visiting the records department any further would mean he could no longer be able to study the ways of the past. He would never be able to definitively find out what it was he had done to Russell and then be able to replicate it.

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