Creative Writing: Bomb Threat

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During my freshman year at St. John’s Prep, there was a rumour going around the school that there was a bomb threat. At first, I did not believe that this was a real threat due to the calm and happy nature of most students at our school. Once I had gotten the email from Dr. Hardiman, restating the issue of the bomb threat, which most students and faculty already knew about. Dr. Hardiman also stated that there would be an excused absence for anyone who did not feel it would be safe to attend school that day. My mother, being a hard-nosed Albanian mother, told me that I would be fine and that nothing would happen. On the other hand, I genuinely felt a little scared to go to school that coming day. The bomb threat really shaped my worldview because prior to this event I had never gone through a situation where I believed I could be put in a life-threatening position. I had always thought that an event like the bomb threat could not happen to me, that it was just something I would see on the news happening somewhere else from time to time. Generally, we as humans believe that nothing bad could happen to us unless the situation was presented right there in front of our eyes. We have this sense of immortality…show more content…
I was praying that nothing would happen and that everything would be alright. That was not even the worst of the situation because coming back to school and having to deal with the idea that if he did not do it that day, maybe today he would. In the beginning when the threat first came out, I had realized that these things could happen to anyone, but then I realized that it could happen any time as well. Seeing everyone down the halls with their clear backpacks could be humorous at times, but in my mind I genuinely was scared that anything could
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