Creative Writing: Border Of Munich

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Forced to use the little amount of energy I had left to tread through the border of Munich. I wasn’t alone. Others like me labored to walk to an unwanted destination. I watched as the sun fixed upon us. Drips of sweat glittered like diamonds as they slid down our temple taking away more energy that we did not have to give. It was a struggle to get a decent breath of air as I was surrounded by a race of Jews. I felt bitter and powerless knowing that I was a part of this undesired race.

He who walked next to me with dark, oily weaves of hair. He looked only in his twenties but walked as though he was in his eighties. I believe his name was Max Vandenburg I remember from when the guards caught him, asked for his name and then threw him with
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I watched as her eyes started to shine as if she had found what or who she was looking for “Max! I’m here!” he did not hear her, again “I’m here, Max!”. His face turned. I then realised why she was seeking towards me, Max Vandenburg was who she was wanting. Just as she reached us I looked towards Max his face was filled with emotions “I can’t believe…” was all that spilled out of his dried lips at first, “Look how much you’ve grown” was what he said next. They both looked as though they had for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but we were sadly not near any rainbow nor did we have any gold. Max’s eyes swelled with sadness as he spoke the mystery girl's name “Liesel”. I stopped focusing on their conversation as I noticed a guard staring right in our direction, I tried to warn them but I could barely lift my arm let alone breathe some words. Finally I was able to scrape a yelp from the bottom of my throat. It was enough for Max to notice the guard too. “You have to let go of my Liesel” Max spoke. Even I could tell that last thing Liesel wanted was to leave Max behind. Watching her hold on to his arm made me remember of the last time I saw my family what has happened to them now I still do not…show more content…
He pointed again but this time with his whip whilst shouting ‘Hey, girl, what are you doing? Get out of there.’ Liesel was still refusing to leave I was scared for her as I watched the guard grab Liesel by the collar and drag her out of the swamp of Jews. Sorrow was strongly pasted on Max’s face and he watched Liesel disappear. Nor could I see the sweet pale girl. The sorrow on Max's face until she appeared again this time she looked as though all she wanted to do was hug Max and take him home with her but myself and the hundred other jews around Max and Liesel knew that while Hitler is still in power that will be the last thing that happens. The second time was worse that guard was flaming red as he stomped towards Liesel, she yelped as the guard grabbed her by the arm and threw her on the pavement, I could she Max was angry and wanted to do something to help but he knew he couldn’t. Instead as we walked on to our unknown destination we had to listen to the cries of a brave young girl being whipped to the ground. It infuriated me listen to the sound of the cracks of the whips scarring her body, I could only imagine how Max
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