Creative Writing: Broken Bones

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Broken bones One thursday afternoon around 12:30 me and my friends andreas and emily were sitting on on top of the monkey bars at my current school , St. Thomas More talking. Andreas would always jump off the monkey bars to show off to Emily, me and the other girls. We would always watch kind of amazed as Andreas jumped off the monkey bars landing perfectly. He gave us a look as if it was our turn to jump. We ignored him as we made room for Andreas and other girls to come up to sit. Andreas asked me and Emily to jump with him but we quickly refused. As other children crawled up i carefully climbed to the edge making sure not to fall off. Andreas was still telling me to jump off with him. He started to sound frustrated and and angry but i just kept refusing because i had a bad feeling something bad would happen. Out of anger he pushed me off the monkey bars! I landed on one of the wooden planks holding in the sharp cold rocks all over the ground. I didn't scream but i did start…show more content…
This doctor was very funny sweet and had a big bright smile a little like the nurses. From the moment i walked in he was joking around, talking to me and my mom and overall very nice he told us his name was doctor brown.before he put on the cast he what colour i wanted it to be, i decided purple because it was my favorite color at the time. He started with cleaning my leg with disinfectant very carefully before putting the white fluffy cotton bandage around my foot all the way up to my knee. Then he took a purple bandage and did the same. Later he went into a cupboard and grabs a pair of crutches, he sized them to my height and then we were finally done! Two months later i arrived back at the hospital to remove my cast. Doctor brown told me that my leg had healed just fine. After he removed the cast i was back on my feet in about a
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