Creative Writing: Capital Mansion

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They stood at the door of the Capital Mansion. They stood firm on the ground, though they both felt like running away from the danger. The wind blew through their hair, and they felt the icy chills that the evil from the place gave out. Mason was sure that if he wasn't standing next to Hayden, the thirty plus guards would have jumped him already. Hayden, on the other hand, felt that if he didn't have Mason, he would be dragged back into the torture chamber by those thirty guards. But because they were together, none of the soldiers did anything but glare intensely at them, making them feel small and weak inside.
"You sure about this?" Hayden asked nervously.
"We're already here, what's the point of turning back," Mason smirked, "You got the keys?"
"Yeah," Hayden replied, reaching towards the door to unlock his front door, his hands trembling in fear.
The lock made a loud click when it was turned, and swung open to invite the guests into its seemingly beautiful house. The room was dimly lit and awfully quiet. It gave off an eerie essence, as no one else was walking about the house except a pair of footsteps that was making it's way from the stairs on the third floor. Mason looked around unfamiliar surroundings. The walls were lined with velvet tapestry, and the floors were covered in a blood red carpet. The stairs were made of fine oak,
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He had nothing, and I had everything, yet she still chose him over me. I vowed never to leave them in peace. I vowed to kill her husband and all her children, so that she would be lonely come begging for me at my door. I found out she was pregnant with twins, but one came out premature. I was sure that kid was going to die, but he didn't. Your parents saved you, Mason, and protected me from you so that I wouldn't kill you. But I still had the chance to kill you brother, who came out 2 months
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