Creative Writing: Cath's Narrative Fiction

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Cath typed and typed. Ten years’ worth of pain and sadness and not understanding came pouring out with every word, every sentence she wrote. All of her anger, that had been stewing inside of her for so long, was slowly, slowly, melting away.
She paused for a moment and looked at the page of cheesy comparisons and misspelled words. Just then, she felt like she was in 3rd grade again, watching her mother leave forever. Feeling left behind, forgotten. Unwanted. The only light in the dark room was the glow of her laptop and the glistening tears rolling down her face.
Cath closed her laptop softly and grabbed her phone. Her assignment could wait for a couple more hours. She had made up her mind.

The drive to Omaha was lonely. Cath drove Levi’s
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Cath took her in, still not quite recognizing the blond-haired, designer jeans wearing stranger her mom had become. They stayed like this for a while, each of them absorbing the other’s presence, neither wanting to make the first move.
“Cather?” Laura asked, quietly, as if she were afraid that if she spoke too loudly, Cath might remember how much she hated her and leave.
“Hi, Mom.” Cath replied. Laura was silent again, then smiled, with wet eyes. A real, genuine, smile, just like Cath remembered from so long ago. Suddenly, Cath could see that underneath the new hair and fancy clothes was still her mother, was still the woman who had taken her and Wren to the zoo and cried on the first day of kindergarten. Right then, Cath wasn’t looking at the person who had left her and her family behind. She was just looking at her mom. Laura stepped forward and threw her arms around her. “I thought you would never speak to me again.” Her voice broke, her cool composure now completely gone. “Let alone call me
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Let’s talk.” She said. Cath simply nodded, not trusting her voice to respond yet. Together, they walked into the house. They sat at the kitchen counter, happy but still a little awkward around each other, unsure. “How is school going?” Her mom asked, to break the silence. “I-It’s okay, I guess. I take a fiction-writing class meant for juniors” Cath answered, hesitantly at first, gaining more confidence as she spoke. “To be honest, I wanted to drop out after 1st semester and I didn’t do my final assignment, but the teacher gave me a second chance and someone convinced me to not to take it for granted.” “That’s good, Cather. I know for a fact that second chances are precious.” Cath’s mom looked as in tune to Cath as she had ever been, and lost in thought at the time. “Yes, second chances can’t be wasted.” Cath looked into her mom’s eyes and she knew she wasn’t talking about her assignment. “I have a boyfriend, too. He’s the one that talked me into doing the project.” Mom’s eyes shone with joy as she realized that Cath was really, truly, letting her into her life. This wasn’t like Wren’s Facebook friendship with her. This was an actual conversation. “Tell me all about him!” she
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