Creative Writing: Charlie's Doggy Depression

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Anna sat there wondering why her dog Charlie has been acting so weird lately. It suddenly hits her, Charlie has doggy depression from losing his brother, Gus. Anna decides to confront her mom about this doggy depression, but they end up getting into an argument.

“I don’t understand where you got this, why do you think Charlie has doggy depression?! That’s the silliest thing I have ever heard!” Anna’s mom exclaimed.

Trying to stay calm Anna replied, “Mom he mopes around all day, also looking at the ground, never going outside to play anymore, and he never wags his tail or runs up to us when we come home.”

The mom now shaking with anger screams “Go to your room I’ve had enough of this nonsense!”

As Anna runs to her room while crying,
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Anna runs to the kitchen looking for food, but when she comes back to her room she sees Charlie playing with the cat and caring for it. This is the first time since Gus passed away that Anna has seen Charlie this happy. Anna wanted her mom to see Charlie like this, but she knew her mom would be mad at her. Then all of the sudden Anna hears her mom coming to her room.

“Anna, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for yelling at you. I know how much Charlie means to
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She then slowly turns to Anna.

Trying to speak calmly her mom says “Anna what is this cat doing in our house?”

Anna replys quietly “Mom, I can explain. I was laying in bed and then heard something and looked at my window. Then, I saw this skinny cat sitting there looking ill and thought I have to help him. Once he came into my room Charlie got all happy and I’ve never seen him this happy before. Can we please keep him? He makes Charlie so happy.”

After a few moments the mother finally says “Fine…. I guess we can keep him. Only because this is the first time I’ve seen Charlie this happy in a
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