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The screech of the old automatic doors to the Countdown supermarket open before me. As I walk in I'm bombarded with smells of freshly baked breads,fresh fruit straight from the trees and preserved meat, ready to sell to the customers arriving in an hour. I walk through aisle 1 towards the employees room and grab my small metallic name tag. My small shaky hands fumble to put the tag on my old faded Countdown shirt. As I turn around to walk back towards my checkout, I notice other employees shouting and laughing at each other as if they were lions fighting over their prey. My gleaming gold hair cascades down my shoulders as I release the hair tie and continue towards the shiny metal checkout. As I reach the checkout I see my reflection in the window. My dark brown eyes remind me of wood. Boring and dead. The opening bell pierces my ear drums like an arrow pierces the dummy.And I watch as the old dull automatic doors open and close, and the customers walk in. A few minutes later and old man walked up the my checkout.I pretend to smile and show that I am happy to be here but inside I'm crying. My eyes focus on his skin which was wrinkled and dry like sandpaper and his hands were shaking like apples on a shaken tree. He starts to put up his small amount of groceries and I start to grab…show more content…
The smell of Hand wash and clean towels fill my nose as I stand next to my Father on a hospital bed. I hold is old soft wrinkly hands in my smaller shaky hands and I listen to the slow but steady heartbeat .Beep .Beep. Beep. Beep.Silence fills the room. At first I don’t realize what happened but, nurses and doctors flood the room as if there was a tsunami chasing them. And all becomes clear. I'm brought back to the real world by the sound of the elderly man's calm and soothing voice. “Miss are you okay?. I break down in tears at the checkout and all I can hear is the calm soothing sound of the old man trying to comfort
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