Creative Writing: Chewed Gum Belongs In The Trash

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Chewed Gum Belongs in the Trash If you walk down the street you’re bound to find a lump of discolored, chewed gum stuck to a park bench, a railing, or even a sidewalk. There could have been gum stuck to that park bench you almost sat on, that railing you almost put your hand on, or that sidewalk section you almost stepped on, full of a complete stranger’s saliva. Placing gum in a trash bag, away from other people, is the only way to dispose of it properly. You can wrap the gum in a piece of paper and toss it in the trash, it’s that simple. I strongly believe people should always dispose of their gum in a trash bag after they’re done chewing it. A vast majority of people leave their gum wherever they chose to and don’t process the effects…show more content…
I looked down and I see stretchy pink stuff connected between my shoe and the sidewalk. I had to keep walking because stopping on the sidewalk on a busy day in Chicago would be like someone suddenly stopping during the Running of the Bulls. When I finally arrived to my car, I sat down in the front seat and looked at the bottom of my shoe. There was a big glob of pink bubble gum staring right at me. There was no way I was going to touch that jumble of a sticky blob. Once I arrived home, I went to wash my shoe in the sick, inattentive to the fact some of it stuck to the floor on my way there. I spent the rest of the night trying to remove the gum from my shoe. I, just like many other people in society, have had to take time out of my day to scrape gum off of my shoe because one person didn’t bother throwing their gum where it belongs, in the trash. Involuntarily, a person is forced to spend their own time to remove a piece of gum, as a result of someone being too lazy or just not bothering to dispose of their gum properly. Even the smallest piece of gum can lead to a big mess. People should take care of their own problems so innocent people won’t have to be necessitated to deal with them and so they aren’t affected and dragged down by them. Flavors of gum can vary and so can problems, but that doesn’t matter. People should take care of their own problems, therefore others
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