Creative Writing: Chippendales

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Carrie blushed again and looked away. “If I agree, you’ll stay with me for ten days and allow me to use all the sinfully wicked charms at my disposal to seduce you?” Seeming to find her courage, she snorted a little laugh. “Sure. I can’t imagine how that could be a problem. Worst case scenario I get a free Chippendales dance and best case scenario I get to have sex with a gorgeous guy. Fair warning, I don’t know much about sex, so it’ll probably be much better for me than you. As long as you’re being honest about allowing me to leave when the ten days are up, I really don’t see the downside. I’m a pretty boring person and all this drama is probably not as fun for me as it for others.” “What exactly do you do, Miss. Carrie?” I…I’m an epidemiologist.…show more content…
“On the upside, we now know what it takes to get the girl who’s always in a fabulous mood pissy.” Outside they could see rows of men on a ridgeline south of the property. Both the mountain men and the native has their faces painted. The natives used black and red paint and had painted their horses. The hill folk all had the same dark blue cross right down the full center of their faces. Shelly sucked in a breath. “We make for the ridge, now. They’re just about to start shootin’. Hell’s fire, how did the situation get so out of control so fast?” Donovan opened the SUV door for Shelby and she struggled to get comfortable behind the wheel. It was difficult with her being so pregnant. “Want me to drive you back to Bradon, Shel? I’m real worried about you bein’ behind the wheel.” “Nope. He’ll shoot you on sight.” The other women hugged Carrie and climbed into the vehicle. Donovan approached her cautiously. Turning Carrie to him, he spoke softly. “I know you agreed to stay and all, but hell, if you want to, you can take off and come on back when you’re more prepared. I’ll understand.” “Shelby told us if this went bad, it would publicly humiliate
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