Creative Writing: Cipher's Attempt To Enter Into The Garden

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The ground and sounds simultaneously halt to her presence with the branches snapping back into place, releasing those entangle in its grasp. Cipher and his men slowly regained their composure. He afterward stood beside Gottlieb, staring back at the mystery maiden with emerald eyes and whisper. “Is she one of them?” Gottlieb nods and was surprised to see only one, standing before them. “Did you know they have the power to transform?” “Does the expression on my face, answer your question,” Gottlieb replies, glancing down and lifting each of his boots, making sure the leaves he was presently standing on, is not a person. “Why are you here?” the Sandzu asks them in a hostile tone. Cipher introduces himself and speaks. “We’re here to find a tree and retrieve my…show more content…
The once growing tension has started to fade. Cipher and his men are preparing to enter into the Garden. Henslowe is handing Micah his satchel. “What’s so funny,” Micah probes, stretching his stiff muscles and disregarding the stinging sensations from the scratches on his arms, shoulders, face, and hands. “An Argos being kidnapped by a girl, who can very well past for his great granddaughter-” “She caught me by surprise!” The two turn their head, watching a trunk split in half, revealing a secret path. “Let’s go men!” Cipher hollers to them, following behind Gottlieb and Jaden. Henslowe and Micah are the last to enter. “Keep telling yourself whatever you need to get past the humiliation,” Henslowe quips to Micah, moving passed a pique Raina. “Sister…”Jaden paused, looking back to her. “Are you coming?” Raina stood in the opening, contemplating the ramification of the decision she was about to make, everything inside of her is screaming, ‘they are not to be trusted. “Raina,” she turns her head to her brother, staring into his serene eyes. “Are you
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