Creative Writing: Citi Field

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Citi Field

CHARGE!!!, the crowd went wild as the song was playing in the stadium. As I got closer to the seats it got louder and louder I felt like I was at a monster truck show. Then I got to the seats I turned my head to look at the field and it look a lot more greener than on TV. The home team was practicing on the field ready to beat the Washington Nationals.

The mascot was going around the stadium and went on to the field. His main name is Mr. Met. The game was about to start and the teams were going back into the dugouts. The crowd went wild as the Mets took the field it got quiet as the Washington Nationals player got to the home plate. The pitch was thrown by Noah Syndergaard “CLACK” the ball was hit to 3rd baseman David Wright.
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They weren't doing as good as they did at the start of the game. Ever since Bryce Harper hit a two run bomb the Mets have been doing awful. David Wright is now up for the Mets he is 0-3 in this game so far everyone hopes he gets on base but he grounded out to the third basement. Now Yoenis Cespedes is up and he has been 3-3 there is a good chance for him to get on base. The pitch was thrown to him and he hit it went so high up and the ball was still carrying but it finally came down and the outfielder Ben Revere caught the ball. One more out for the Washington Nationals and they win. But Daniel Murphy is up, now it is a harder out for the Nationals but their closing pitcher is doing great this inning. Daniel hit the ball it was a grounder to first the second basement took his time to throw it to get the batter out. Sadly the game was over and the Mets lost but the Mets still have a chance in getting into the World Serious.

Overall I had so much fun even though they still lost they did great out there that is all that matters. The cool thing is i got to go into a MLB baseball stadium to watch the New York Mets play the Washington Nationals. I went to the gift shop to get a mini bat the color is blue my brother got the same one but the color is orange. I am looking forward to going to another MLB baseball
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