Creative Writing: Clemmons

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Tucked into the stiff, stale-smelling waiting-room seat, patiently waiting on Clemmons to call her in, Veronica admired her own timing; she’d managed to finagle an excused gym absence and everything.

When Clemmons’ office door swung open, and Weevil came out looking surlier and sorrier than usual, Veronica eyed Weevil out of the office lobby with a silent, thin-lipped smile. If she was a betting woman, Veronica would’ve put all her money on her to-do list just getting one Weevil-related-item longer in size. Pivoting back to Clemmons’ dead-eyed disappointment at seeing her, Veronica amped up the wattage on her smile.

“Do we have a meeting, Ms. Mars?” Clemmons showed her to his desk.

Familiar, dependable Clemmons, and his never-changing
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Years of students, years of Veronica Mars in particular, he’s learned his lessons well.

“Mr. C, if Ireally wanted to skip gym, I’d just go smoke behind the kitchen with the lunch ladies and about half my gym class. Nope, I come with purpose, I assure you.” Sitting up, leaning closer to the desk, Veronica thought she saw a crack in Clemmons’ glare; a falter in his focus. Flicking her eyes to the clock on the wall, Veronica counted 3...2...1…

The fire alarm rang on her mental cue, and Wallace Fennel slotted himself the world’s most valuable bff for the millionth time.

Clemmons went to check with his secretary, started fire drill protocols regardless of this drill being on the schedule, and while his back was to her, Veronica stuck one of her dad’s bugs to the inside lip of a fake office plant’s ugly flower pot.

Clemmons, meet Purpose, Veronica thought and smiled to herself for a second, until the angry blare of the fire alarm reminded her to keep moving, posterity be damned.

“Ms. Mars, the loud ringing bells mean fire drill. You don’t think I’ll leave you unattended in my office, do you?” Clemmons closed the door behind her, only after she stepped
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