Creative Writing: Crescent Middle School

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“Mr. Josten, Mr. Josten!” yelled one of the eighth graders from my current math class in Crescent Middle School. I figured it would be another out of context question, as that was the norm for Andrew. Andrew had always seemed to be the one who tried his hardest, but could not focus on his schoolwork, or anything for that matter. I acknowledged his raised hand to hear, “what would happen if someone figured out how to pass things through time?” I figured since there was a small amount of time left in the class period, I could answer his question thoroughly since I majored in both math and science. “Well Andrew, if I had to guess I would say that someone would receive that object unexpectedly in a different time period. However, if someone creates …show more content…

Of course I was the only teacher that was in the building at this time. “Who else would be here on a Friday afternoon?” I thought to myself. Upon entering the room there was an eerie sense that ran through my skin. It felt as though I was not alone in the room, so I toured the entire classroom looking for clues. When I approached my co-worker’s desk, I noticed a package lying beside it. Far from a normal package, this was some type of metal box with rounded edges and a circular bulge protruding from the center on all six sides.“Maybe this fell off of the desk, I guess that concludes what the noise come from.” Something seemed off to me about this particular package though, almost like it was out of place. I misjudged the weight of this box as I picked it up, as it was a rather large box. However, the object inside the box was as light as a feather. “Now, how do I plan to open this box,” I said aloud, knowing but still unsure that someone was not in the room alongside me. The box suddenly opened as I was feeling around on it, and the metal seemed to fold out into one flat sheet. On this sheet was a pencil, not an average pencil as a mind would imagine, but a pencil. It was white, with blue lines seemingly flowing through it changing patterns every so often. I noticed a sheet of paper under this pencil, and what was written on it was astonishing to me. “What seems to be unreal to you is clear to me. Your mind is frantic, As anyone’s mind should be. Go ahead, pick it up. It will lead you to generations far ahead of your present day. But you must figure out how it works, or the secret this item contains will be concealed for eternity.” Those words played in my mind over and over until finally I decided it was time to leave. Only now the metal sheet the pencil and note were on had disappeared. Allowing little time for thinking, I grabbed my things from my

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