Creative Writing: Daniel's Summer Break

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Beginning: For Greg summer break was basically a three months guilt trip. He thought that just because the weather is nice, everyone expects you to be outside playing or whatever, and that if you don’t spend all your time outside you are sick or there is something wrong with you. The way Greg prefers to spend his summer is in front of the T.V playing video games with the lights turn of, but Greg mom’s idea of summer is different. She thinks that is not natural that a normal guy passes all the summer playing video games. Greg also liked to spend part of the summer at his friend Rowley country club pool. When it was summer time, Rowley and Greg go to the country club pool each day. Then they made their first mistake of inviting a girl named Trista who had just move to the neighborhood. They arrived to the pool and five seconds later she met the lifeguard and forgot about Greg and Rowley. A few days later Greg start to notice that the service at the country club was starting to go down. Greg reports all the complaints to Mr. Jefferson (Rowley’s dad) but he never reports them to the manager. Sometime later Rowley told Greg he wasn’t able to inviting him to the country club more. Greg said he was happier in his house with air conditioned. Greg’s moms remained trying to take Greg to the pool of the town. Greg dint wanted to go again to that pool because you needed to go throw the lockers where are grown men’s soaping right out in the open. That was one of the most

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