Creative Writing: Danny, Stephany and Melody

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On November 14th 1969: Slate, gusty clouds storm the ocean coral blue skies glistening above. Raindrops hit the pitch back driveway holding my blue BMW convertible. On the few days it tends to rain on a yearly basis in LA, it just has to be today: the day of my wedding. Stefan suggested we’d just proceed with the ceremony, but deep down, I had always pictured my wedding day as one of the most alluring and captivating days of my life. A beautiful bride prancing down the narrow aisle, as the entire world's attention and focus seems to revolve around the only two people that mattered for more than just a minute: the bride and the groom. I didn’t want it to appear as one of those self-centered occasions, but I figured every female was equitable to that one day they’d never forget prior and posterior to that significant event that often only occurs once in a lifetime; and undoubtedly that day would have been today. I certainly wasn’t looking forward to a day captivated in a dimmered building with creaky-rusted chairs and booths. Imagining violet-pink hydrangeas encircling the trail leaving behind the separation of two soulmates and bringing forth the unison of two souls who were once broken hearted, but bonded through conceptions and compatible intentions forming advantageous intonations. My fabrication had always seemed too “wild to possess,” my mother had always described it as. Though, every 25-year old kid was susceptible to the most inordinate imaginations and a sense of

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