Creative Writing: Doctor Pax

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‘Do you think Doctor Pax is in love with her? They look pretty close to me’. Mosaic stopped in his tracks. ‘ you think so?’ He suddenly looked distraught. ‘Oh, I didn’t mean to upset you…’ ‘Errr...shall we change the subject? This is the library...’ Boffin's eyes lit up when he saw the room full of books. Next door was the snug. A very cosy snug. They put their head around the door to see it was filled with furniture. Clemmie counted ten squishy cushions. Nine table lamps. Eight beanbags. Seven armchairs. Six coffee tables. Five-foot stools. Four double sofas. Three window seats. Two rocking chairs. And a painting of a partridge on a pear tree. She imagined it was a lovely place to be on Christmas Day, full of presents and pantomimes.
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