Creative Writing: Emmet's Journey

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Warm crimson ran down her arm leaving a metallic smell that filled the room to the brim. The silver slit of metal she used slipped out of her hand as her vision became blurred and her breathing became faint. She slowly came in and out of consciousness while her arms held a passage for her demons to escape from. She woke once again to feel a pounding in her head that consumed her thoughts, she tried yelp for help but only a small groan came out.

A headache and too many cords was what she woke up to. The beeping on the machines that surrounded her left a ringing noise in her ears. She looked over to the over beds to see other kids around her age; she looked at some of the girls and thought that they were drop dead gorgeous and wondered why
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She couldn't sleep, the demons in her mind would do nothing but taunt her all night long and make her suffer due to lack of sleep. It was 2 a.m. and she was still wide awake listening to the voices in her head mock her. They would tell her that she was worthless and that nobody wants her. All Billie wanted was for all this pain and torture to stop, she didn't want to actually end her life she just wanted to stop hurting. It was if a darkness clouded her thoughts all the damn time. She only had a few friends, their names were Deb, Cat, Sue, Ana and Mia and they all meant something to her although they were the reasons she wanted to leave. She only weighed 100 pounds but she always saw a distorted reflection that showed her as a 250 pound slob. Ana and Mia made her hate her reflection so she would gradually go down and down in clothe sizes, one pound after the next. Deb refused to let her be optimistic, she only saw the negatives of life which made her feel so down and depressed. Cat always had ideas to relieve stress and mental pain. Ana was the worst though, she gave Billie ways to leave the…show more content…
It was on the same wall as the one in her apartment. Miss little primadonna girl ran out of the bathroom all flustered, curious if the neighbour had heard her singing. She put on her fluffy blue robe that was given to her by her ex when they lived together. She put her hair up in a towel, the knot things that guys never understand. She grabbed her favourite book and begins to flick through the pages staring immensely at each page while she asks herself 'where is Wally?'. With every page she flicked past was a new adventure to find the wizard, dog, Wally's girlfriend, the evil cousin and the one and only Wally himself.

Emmet awoke and made his way down the hall out from his mothers room calling for her.
"What's wrong dumpling?"
"Num Num." he whimpered. Billie stood up and grabbed the rusty handle of the green fridge with pant flaking off to show more rust. Some nice oats left over by her dad were heated again and given to Emmet at the couch where she was sitting.

Starring at the only reason the room was illuminated by light, her thoughts began to fade into a haze. At that moment she realised how bad she had gotten. The only thing Billie found peace in was with destroying herself, no more sympathy was felt. She was ready, it was no or never.

Blurred vision engulfed her thoughts, the sound of sirens filled the emptiness she felt or just confused
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