Creative Writing: Empire Island

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My dearest sister,

I hope this letter finds you well. This trip has been a harrowing journey for me. About half way across the large, blue ocean, a beam was cracked! I was told that the beam offered great support to the ship. It is a wonder that I am still alive and not trapped in Davy Jones’s locker. Oh sister, the storm was horrendous. I was not able to even write because of all the movement of the waves. The waves were three times the size of my house! Thankfully, my husband happened to have a great iron screw that secured the beam in place. Many of the sailors were thankful to have a blacksmith on this boat.

My husband made an acquaintance on board. His name is John Howland. He was almost swept off the deck of the ship in
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Oh glorious day! We will soon be able to get off of this cursed boat. I questioned him about why we are not to land in the territory that we were told to land and he stated that there are far too many obstacles to overcome to land. He cautiously looked around before he swept me into his arms and whispered about the meeting. He believes that he is one of the ones to alter history. You see, this meeting of the gentlemen was an assembly to decide the fate of our Mayflower.

While there, he signed a promise. It declared all of us loyal to the king and god, but it then declares the people of the Mayflower united and we are to create our own government until such a time as a new patent can be given by the crown. This is monumental. Nothing of the kind has ever been done before. I use to believe that the possibility of the people governing themselves was ludicrous, yet it is happening as I hastily write this letter. My husband left to tell the indentured servants for they were not part of the signing bar two of
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Also, the laws shall be equal and fair for both the separatists and the craftsmen. There is not distinction in this new law. I believe that everyone will do their part. I am very hopeful for the future. These are exciting timed my dear Hannah. The world is changing and I hope it happens
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