Creative Writing: Fear of the Unknown

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Dark black surroundings around me. Blindness is a natural occurrence after the sun descends. Senses are heightened which sparks the imagination to soar. A moment of time when things of legend becomes a reality and self-doubt are unveiled. In the darkness the line between fact and fiction blur. Sounds, fears, and intuition are the elements that rule when light does not exist.
Things that pop and crack populate the house. Hearing sounds in the middle of the night that send chills down my spine. A sense of alertness occurs when standing there frozen, waiting, and thinking, “What could it be?” Waiting for the next noise or ignition of thought that makes the heart beat a little faster and breathe slower to limit the noises made in the darkness. When the lights go out you ultimately assume the worst scenarios for example a burglar, paranormal activities, or critters in the night. Even the tick tock of the clock seems like a loud bass drum in the vicinity of catching another sound to reassure that the noise was not something or someone. I often ask myself “Why me?” questioning why I have these fears. I remember how watching horror movies generated fear even at the young age of eight. Movies such as Puppet Master, IT, and Children of the Corn come to mind as well as the infamous Chucky movies. In those movies only bad things happened at night. Although a few people are comfortable in the dark most people visit the dark in a place of fear. The biggest fear is fear of the unknown
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