Creative Writing: Fighting The Civil War

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It's Wednesday, just six weeks before TCAPS. Mr. Joe enters his classroom on the third floor of Maryville Junior High school. It's a room like any other ordinary 1950's cider block room. The walls are yellowed, and there are rows of old beat up desks. The fluorescent lighting flickers as he turns on the lights. Mr. Joe is an old crippled man who is on his last leg and ready to retire. He doesn't put up with any crap. Mr. Joe hates it when the kids hit each other with the text books. Kids such as Brody Sloan, Matt Brooks, and Clay Brewster have a goal to make him mad. Then there is a kid like Terk Johnson who yells at the other kids to stop because they are distracting his learning ability. Mr. Joe just knows that he will never be able to have …show more content…

The game stays the same with the girls leading by 1200 points. The boys late in the final round make an epic comeback of the 1200 point deficit to tie the match. The final questions were asked. The girls had to answer what had triggered the civil war? The boys, however, had to answer who ended up winning the civil war? Both teams got it correct. Instead of shooting after each turn, they waited until both teams got it correct. Brody comes up to shoot for the boys, and Jamie came up for the girls. They decide that Brody has to go first. So that the shot is fair, they both shoot from the 500 point line. Body misses. The boys are going crazy and yelling at him. Jamie comes up to shoot. The boys are loud and going crazy to try to mess her up. She makes it for the win and she also put a dagger in the boy’s hearts. Mr. Joe is back at his desk cheering because he was reviewing the results of the game, both sides combined missed two questions. He was pumped about the move to California because of the bonus he was going to get because of the scores on the …show more content…

After the week of TCAPS, Mr. Joe was thinking back on his years teaching. He had some good and bad years. He loved all of them, but this year was something special. He thought to himself although I am on my last leg, I was still smart enough to get something I want by making something normally dreadful and boring to where it is fun such as learning about the civil

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