Creative Writing: Foggy Memory

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Her eyes shot open at the noise of a loud clunk, not that her eyes were being put to much use because there was nothing around her but darkness. As she reached both her arms out, she discovered two walls on either side of her.

The sides were covered with holes and felt cold like a medal. As her vision sharpened she concluded she was in some sort of box. As the darkness swallowed her up, she sunk down on the floor as panic filled her body. The box seamed as if it was getting smaller and tighter around her.

She forced herself to breathe slowly so she could think. How did I end up here? Why was I here? Her mind drew a blank. Come to think of it, she couldn't remember a single bloody thing. She threw everything she had left in her fading mind
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Her loss of memory was quite peculiar. She remembered aspects of the world, but faces became a blur and names faded out. It was like a journal, but ever few pages were ripped out making it incomprehensible.

In the midst of my foggy memory, she saw one last memory fighting to not dematerialize with what was known in her previous life. She remembered one thing.

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A new wave of icy fear overcame her. She banged on the wall so hard, she thought her hands would bleed. "Help anyone please!" she cried out, hoping someone would hear her.

She yelled and yelled until her throat grew ragged and sore. As it kept ascending upwards a massive red wall came into focus. The realization of her situation hit her, she was going to crash.

She quickly reached her hands over her head to protect herself from the pain she would soon endure. She squeezed her eyes so tight, trying to keep herself from crying in her last moments alive.

All of the sudden the box slammed to a halt. A slight smile formed on her face and she let out a slight laugh. Her smile quickly vanished as a blinding light shined through the top of the box. The light was so bright she had to squint to make out anything.

Through her squinted eyes, she saw about two dozen confused faces staring back at her. As she looks around she realized they are all boys. She gasped as a boy jumps into the box near to where her body was hunched over. He has a very slender face, blonde hair, and wide eyes. He reached out his muddy hand towards
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