Creative Writing: Fran's House

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The forest behind Aiden's house were thick, and stretched on for miles. Tall pines, maples, and oaks reached up from the ground, their green and scarlet tipped fingers scraping the sky. Green-gold morning light filtered through the dense canopy above his head, and a few early fallen leaves crunched beneath his feet. A lazy stream trickled its way through the tangle of roots and heavy underbrush, gurgling softly as it went; the scales of small fish flashing below its crystal surface. Aiden walked in silence; his footsteps the only sound for miles. A gentle breeze blew the bright strands of his hair into his face. Pushing it back in annoyance, he stared into the underbrush around him; he could have sworn that he had heard something move there.…show more content…
Silence pushed against his ear drums, for even the wind seemed unable to make a noise in this impenetrable dome of quiet. The spaces between the trees shrunk, and the shadows between them grew darker and flickered with the movements of small animals. They seemed to be moving, dancing, mocking him with glowing eyes. Wait. Shadows didn't have…show more content…
Smaller than its companions, the third wolf had fur that flashed silvery-blue like the scales of a fish; it darted in and out between the trees like mist, keeping a slight distance between itself and the other wolves, as if it were wary of them. Hot breath misted the back of Aiden's legs as he put on one last burst of speed, shouting in attempt to scare the beasts pursuing him. "I'm one of you!" he yelled in frustration as two of the wolves pulled up alongside him, their keen eyes never leaving him. He tried to get ahead of them, to lose them in the forest, but his weak human legs were incapable of outrunning the long easy lope of the wolves. Then he remembered that he had and extra pair of legs, a pair of legs able to match, or even outrun wolves. He searched inside himself for the wolf that slept within him, willing himself to change even as he ran. Suddenly, just as he thought he had found it, the flickering aura of his second self, nestled deep within his heart, pain erupted in his skull. Aiden stumbled slightly, his legs beginning to shake. This is it; he thought to himself as he fell to the ground, here comes the shift. However, he stayed solid in his human body as he plummeted into blackness, the wolves swarming in around
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