Creative Writing Funding Essay

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I am pursuing my Creative Writing degree in hopes of teaching Creative Writing one day. Art comes in many forms, including creative writing. It is important for students to qualified instructors have a solid foundation. By having a solid foundation, students have a greater chance of success. Some people believe that funding art programs, despite the form, is unnecessary and have more than enough funding. However, I and many others, believe that funding art programs' are beneficial to students. My essay is on the amount of success generated by the funding and the turnover it produces, funding distribution, and the ratio. I will incorporate how it affects students, teachers, and even career paths to help support my claim. It is well-known that funding for art programs has always been limited--and even controversial between people that can be ignorant towards the fine arts. Students need to have qualified instructors to cultivate the necessary skills to succeed in their field. My primary audience is the state government, though my secondary audience would be the federal government. The government has authority over how funding is generated, calculated, and distributed. Some of the challenges faced would be how much funding is available, what…show more content…
By cutting the Arts funding, many different careers basically are eliminated. Films, movies, music, media, reading, musicals, plays, television, random things on the side of the road by local artists, museums, even buildings--these are all considered art. Certain entertainment can keep children from doing negative things and can shape people while they are they are growing up. By allowing children to have creativity, at a young age, they can expand that when they are older and it helps teenagers figure out themselves. Personally, if it was not for having to fund for art programs, my life would be completely
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