Creative Writing: Granny Phin's Home

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This is Granny Phin’s house. This is the where the annual family reunion takes place. There are three tints set up out here. One is for the food. This is the most important one. You will notice how a lot of people sit around this tint. They want to be the first to get food. Don’t be one of those people. The other two tents are for shade. There’s a bathroom inside the house. Only one. It’s almost impossible to get to. I hope you used the restroom before you came. There’s cornhole over there, a blow up house past that, and horseshoe on the other side of the yard. If you like dealing with competitive old men, get in on a game of horseshoe. You won’t be let down.
There’s a few simple rules at the Thompson family reunion. Smile and laugh at everyone’s
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Listen closely and you will hear her on the phone with the boyfriend she swear she doesn’t have. Vicky, Sandra, and Helen tell her everyday how bad he is and that he’s stepping out on her. She ignores them. She claims she’s broke and has no money to buy her medicine or pay her light bill. Ironically, her nails are always freshly manicured and she always has the newest Michael Kors bag. Do not mention any lump sum of money around Judy. Beware of her ability to make you feel bad for her. My dad is bad at this...Marvin and Amber are not. She gives great hugs though. Hug Judy.
This is my Aunt Helen. She acts like she hates everyone, but really just needs love. Her home is full of QVC items she ordered and never bothered opening. She works at the courthouse and swears she’s going to retire every time you talk to her. Do not ask her about Judy...unless you want to hear her rant for hours about the wrongs in her life. Helen makes great banana pudding. Get to know Helen, get close to Helen. Make sure to eat a bowl of Helen’s banana pudding. You will often find her cussing out Donnie or Bollie for saying something smart to her. Don’t let her scare
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They hit the lottery big about three years ago. Since then, they don’t come around much. Marvin won’t ever give his mom, Judy, any money...but can you blame him? The family calls them selfish and greedy when they aren’t around. They will teach you that money is the root of all evil. Whatever you do, don’t mention their money to them. It get’s awkward so just don’t.
Aunt Vickie is sitting right under that tent. She’s my favorite, but I wouldn’t dare tell any of my other Aunts that. She seems to have it all together. She always has a big smile on her face and is always laughing. She has a daughter named Kenya. Kenya is the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen. She is always hip to the newest fashion trends. I always looked up to her...until she flunked out of college a few years ago. I love Kenya and Vickie. You won’t have to talk to them, they will approach you first. I can already hear vickie yelling, “who’s that
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