Creative Writing: Grillby's Narrative

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The monster looked around, it was getting close to closing time so there was not that many in Grillby’s. He carried on cleaning the glasses that hadn’t been drank from, glancing at the door nervously. As the remaining monsters slowly left one by one, Grillby sighed and began to close for the night. As he approached the door, key in hand ready to lock it, it swung open. The sudden opening sent him backwards, he stumbled and fell down. “Grillby?” The culprit called out, almost standing on top of him. “Oh hey.” He said, holding a bony hand out to help him up. Grillby’s fiery hand held onto it as he pulled himself up, nodding as a sign of thanks. “So, is too late for me to get something to Heat?” He asked him, sitting in his usual seat at the
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