Creative Writing: Growing Up

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"Sometimes you gotta let something bad happen, or else you wont know how to fix things when they go wrong later." The words drifted back into her mind as she stood on the sidewalk. Ashes fluttered down, landing in her hair and on her clothes, smearing soot onto her skin and black across her vision. She should have listened. "If you don't ever make mistakes, you can't fix anything when it finally goes wrong. You're justa' kid, a good kid, so you have to learn how to fall down and get back up before you're too old." She had fallen down. Oh, she had fallen down so hard, scraping her knees and cheeks and elbows, bruising her shins and skinning her palms. She should have listened, she should have known how to get up.…show more content…
And now it had all come crashing down. Smoke burned her lungs, but she didn't move, couldn't move. "And sometimes you have to mess up for people. They might give you a weird look, or hate you for it because they don't understand, but they'll understand it eventually, and they'll thank you." Orange heat burned on her cheeks, red and yellow flickered in her eyes as the flames danced across the wooden boards. Why didn't she listen...But she had listened. She had learned. She had made mistakes. "But remember, kid, even standing back up leaves scars. They might fade away, but don't get angry if they don't. They're proof you lived, that you hurt. That you fell down and were smart enough to drag yourself to the finish line." She had made too many mistakes, ignored more than she needed to. And now the house was burning. It was over, all over. Something fell near her, crashed down from the ceiling and showered sparks and embers onto her shirt and arms. It burned, it burned so much, but she couldn't move. "But no-matter how many mistakes you make or don't make, I'll stand beside you, okay? I'll back you up. You don't have to be the only one on your team. Two sisters fighting everyone else if it has to
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