Creative Writing: Growing Up To A Bully

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Hi i’m Keiry, and this is my story of how I stuck up to a bully named Anderson.
It all started when I saw Anderson Hernandez shove my friend Shara towards a loker. At that exact moment I knew I had to do something about what Anderson does to Shara. This was the second time he was bullying Shara and I for one did not like that at all. When I saw Anderson this was what I was IMMEDIATELY thinking Oh my gosh. What is Anderson doing to Shara? Should I go see what’s happening? Ummmm…. Yeah! I’m going to see what’s going on and if Anderson is bullying Shara again i’m not going to stand around and do nothing this time i’m going to stand up to him and tell him to stop. I sometimes get this urge where I want to hurt him so badly, but I know that’s
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