Creative Writing: Hi Everyone I Am Raki

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A man walked to us, “Hi everyone I am Raki”, he was a tall, skinny guy who wore a silver weave on his head, he had two silver vertical bracelets running up his arms, he wore a black shirt with diamonds on it and yellow pants with horizontal rips. “I will show you around, I have lived here for forty years, I know this planet like the back of my hand, Hev 52 is twice as big as Earth" he paused while the whole group gasped, he continued, “this is most likely where most of your grandparents lived when they were not on earth, each of the select have a castle of their own”. “The reason some of the select created this planet was because they didn’t want people’s negative talk to affect their future”. There used to be lots of animals but Tom ordered the slaughter of then, there may still be some left. I looked into the distance and I saw a mountain that was taller than the others, it had a castle on it that was twice as big as the others, it had a celestial blue staircase. I saw two people walking down the stairs, it took them a while to get to the bottom, they walked toward our group, stretched out their hand, “hi nice to see you again”. Tom was wearing a vest with a five inch sloping…show more content…
“What differences?” I continue, “It was towards the end of the time of the great uprising, they rebelled and because of that they were left behind here” he replies. “You can read about the time of the great uprising in the history books here” he goes on to say. Sarah grabs me and whispers in my ear, “The house that the old couple live in is positioned so that half of the house is on one side of the path change and the other half is on the other side”, “So it could be possible that Sloth was talking to a rebel!” she convinces
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