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The blaring of my headlights, shadows littered the ground. The light cut through them, disturbing the darkness. The sun had set a while ago, but still I was wandering. My eyes had grown tired, but still I was searching. Clouds, sinister and heavy, were layered above the earth, hiding away the moon and, with it, the stars' light. For a few hours now, I had been driving around. Somewhere along the way, I strayed from my path. Many circles I seem to have made, and I am still stuck on this abandoned dirt road. By now, I should have arrived at my uncle's home. I should have finished greeting all of my family. I should be sitting down with them, drinking and laughing, having a pleasant night. Right now, I realize that I have just passed the same…show more content…
The father was a fairly liked man, a gentleman, who worked to bring his family a good life. The years went by, and one cold winter, he and his wife passed away in their sleep. Of course their lovely children young Jaune and Annabelle gained everything, the house, wealth, and other such valuables. It was expected of Jaune take over the family business and Annabelle to be married off, just as girls around her age were to do back then. However, months went by, and she never chose a suitor, nor had her older brother chosen a wife. This may have caused some concern among the people in town, but the Arc kids were so very kindly and gregarious that any suspicions were but pithy ideas never given a second thought. And then Annabelle stopped going into town. She never left the house at all and Jaune wouldn't speak a word of it. No one bothered to question him, and his sister was not seen again. And that was what had happened. There were rumors some telling of how Jaune Arc brutally murdered his only family and hid away the…show more content…
Others were even more horrific stories of how the siblings were lovers and the tragic death of dear Annabelle birth to the Jaune Child. But these are tales woven by the town's residents and I was not one for such useless blather. However I must admit, seeing this house had sent a shiver down my spine. And though the image of the ruined home gave me a prickled sensation every time I passed, I could not tear my eyes from it. I discover something new with each passing. First, I noticed the make shift shed that had been set up almost like a shrine. Then, there was the stray cat that had slipped out from under the stairs. This time, there was a shadow. It was the shadow of a figure standing on the porch. Perhaps a figment of my imagination, but still it tore a panicked gasp from my
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