Creative Writing: Hurricane Katrina

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Mrs. Ramirez kneeled to examine the dog’s paws. Katrina inched forward, her eyes on the only female in the litter. Another command and the girl with a gray and white coat like her sire, and the smartest in the pack, came over to sit at my feet. Katrina bent over to pet the pup, but her eyes stayed on me. My lungs forgot how to inhale. I felt dizzy and then my eyes turned on. When I felt intense love or happiness, my eyes glowed from within, and I couldn’t always control it. Pikipsi had spent years teaching me to, and I knew how dangerous it could be, but seeing hers light, I couldn’t stop myself. Mrs. Ramirez said something, but my ears were deaf to anyone but the beauty who stood before me. Jaden smacked me in the back and my eyes went…show more content…
Something’s wrong with its eyes.” Stupid woman. “There’s nothing wrong with Missy. She’s perfectly healthy.” Without conscious thought, I turned to Katrina. “I named her Missy for her mismatched eyes.” Katrina blinked and looked at the dog’s face for the first time. “I think you’re perfect.” She buried her hands in the thick fur around Missy’s neck. “Can I have her, Mother?” Mrs. Ramirez ignored her daughter and snapped, “Call the other pups over, Tristan. I planned to buy four today, but I will only pay top dollar for dogs without defects. Then, as a side note she added, “These dogs are expensive and too aggressive to have as a pet, Katrina.” Katrina straightened. She looked more than disappointed. I sensed her sadness, but it felt like it was about more than her mam not letting her have Missy.
My brows pulled tight, as I stared at the woman’s back. Mam might be stern, but she never spoke to us in the disgusted tone Mrs. Ramirez used with Katrina. She was so cold it bordered on cruel. I wanted to grab my girl and run with her to Wolf Creek, where I could keep her safe and happy, always.
Jaden’s hand landed on my shoulder and brought me back to
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My head flipped around when I heard a loud bang. The empty carrier Jaden tossed into the back bounced off the wheel-well, flipped over and slammed into the other carrier.
When Jaden opened the driver’s side door, I yelled, “Watch your temper. The empty carrier hit the other pups.”
“Yeah, one you tried to give away. What’s gotten into you?
“It’s her, Jaden. Katrina.” Her name rolled off my tongue like notes in a song. “What a beautiful name.” “You’ve lost your mind. That meek little thing can’t be the warrior princess the song speaks of. And didn’t you notice, little brother, her eyes are brown. I’m sure she has dark hair, too, just like all the southwest Zoner’s do. Not like you can ever tell with the way the girls all cover their head.” “It’s her, Jaden. Her eyes glowed and they’re as green as mine.” “Bonkers is what you are.” Jaden shook his head. “A weak little Twelver is supposed to be our savior. Right.” “The fairy song doesn’t say she comes to us as a warrior. Maybe she becomes one after we train her. How do I let her go, Jaden, now that I’ve found her?” “You let her go, because she’s not your chosen.”
“Yes, she is. When her eyes lit, I felt
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