Creative Writing: Immigrant At D. C.

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We arrived at D.C. The imprisoned citizens cheered to find themselves freed from the grasp of chains. I smiled a little. I got off the horse and so did Jonathan and the little kid. I tried to pet it again. Its head pushed against my chest softly and snorted, “ what should I name you stallion?” I thought for awhile and found a name for the horse, Night’s-Edge, Night for short. I pet Night’s ear and sighed then put her on a stall to wait for my return, “ i’ll be back, Night. I promise” Night snorts then looks away and eats the grass. The little child that was on Night with me and Jonathan tugged at my pants a little to get my attention. I looked at the child and he looks at my eyes with fear, “ what’s the matter?” the child looks down and whimpers
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