Creative Writing: Inside Nixies Home

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Inside Nixies home, a patch of fuzzy seaweed swayed at the waters whim. In her absence, a handful of small fish had made themselves at home its tendrils, but as soon as she returned they scattered every which way, leaving through the small cracks she hadn’t cared to fix. Her day had been a busy one, spending most of it creating and focused on her newest totem. She still needed to awaken its potential and meditate with it, but that could be done tomorrow. For now she would try to sleep.

Settling into her usual spot amongst the seaweed, she thought her excitement would chase away a good nights rest, but exhaustion weighed heavily upon her and she drifted to sleep without delay. While her body resting, her mind swam with thoughts of the adventures that awaited her. Soon she would have her first pair of legs and get to feel dry land beneath new feet. Oh the places she would go! A new and exciting world awaited and her imagination
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Opalescent purple, orange flecked, eyes took only a moment to absorbed her surroundings. While some things were strange, they were boring in comparison to her legs. Long, silky smooth, strong, ones replaced the usual slimy looking tentacles she had been born with. Sheer black fabric replaced her usual scant attire, taking the form of a snug strapless dress who’s hem split at her hips into eight tentacle-like strips that hung mid thigh. Like her hair, the eight strips of fabric seemed to move of their own accord, but she couldn’t be bothered with anything but the legs her gaze admired gleefully. Her eyes were wide and the corners of her lips turned up into an excited smile. Sometimes she would stop to wiggle and dig foreign toes into dry sand. Other times she would twirl down the shore with each step just to watch the way her legs listened and responded with grace. Absorbed as she was with her own fantasy, she wouldn’t notice the uninvited
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