Creative Writing: Intense Heat

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I enjoyed the feeling of the hammock gently swaying back and forth,delighting in it’s motion, lulling me into a profound sense of relaxation. Above me, blue skies, and the occasional cloud shaped like an elephant floats overhead. Palm trees rustle in the occasional cool breeze that gently swirls around, cooling the skin the sun is successfully bronzing. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough of a breeze to keep cool. In fact, it’s so hot, it’s hard to breathe, and I have to fight for every inhalation. I feel like a boa constrictor is coiled around me while the cloud elephant has taken form and is resting over my torso impeding every breath. Underneath this menagerie, I’m slick and saturated from my body trying to cool itself. Finally, when the discomfort had become too much, I struggled to free myself from the oppression of the weighted heat. I push and pull trying to get up, but there is no movement. I try to move my legs but cannot lift them. I breathe heavily and gasp for more of the cool air circling me, but it is not enough. I try to ask for help… I’m startled awake from an unfortunate dream of being smothered by circus animals, while on a tropical vacation. What the hell? Note to self, no more M&M’s before bed. Trying to take in that deep breath of air, I was unable to manage in my dream, I find I am still unable. Opening my eyes, I work at bringing my surroundings into focus. My room, my bed…oh. A 6’ 2”, 180 pound body is strewn across mine, no wonder.
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