Creative Writing: Jashua's House

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Have you ever wondered if a dog or a cat was better than the other? Well this is a story on a dog and a cat running into each other in Jashua’s house then debating who is better.
One peaceful day, in a neighborhood where you hear kids playing, yelling and running around. With the howls of the dogs, and the smiles of the neighbors. Cats are knocking down trash cans in the alleyway. Meanwhile in Jashua’s house was the house that made you feel warm, protected, and you always feel comfort. Until a cat named sparkles snuck in and a dog named Ralph escaped from his cage. Then, the cat and dog bump into each other harder that a hammer hitting a nail. “Achk a dog” said sparkles. Have you ever wondered if a dog or a cat was better than the other? Well this
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“Well, I know I am better because I do not roll around in the mud like a pig!” said Sparkles.
“But… at least I don’t get cranky when it’s time to play” said Ralph.
“Unlike you I don’t get too excited over play time, then break something” said sparkles.
“Sparkles, Ralph does have a point you do need to start respecting your owner” Joshua pointed out.
“Ralph, Sparkles is right, you always end up breaking something” Joshua said in shame.
“Oh, well I’m sorry I just get very hyper!” Ralph said squirming his tail.
“Well, when you put it that way I feel bad” said Sparkles looking down.
“I think you two just made friends out of each other” said Joshua happily.
That was the story of a dog and a cat that ended up being friends. Now we all know that we are all equal no matter what. The End.

“Hi my name is ralph!” said the dog whale shacking his tail.
“Just get away from me you dog!” said the cat in disgust.
“Well your on better than me” said Ralph. “Yes I am, humph even a rat would love me” said sparkles. Then, Jashua comes from the kitchen. “Hey what are you two complaining about?” said Jashua. “Sparkles thinks she’s better than me!” said
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