Creative Writing: Jebidiah's Mistake

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In the beginning, there was nothing except for fiery lava. Nothing was alive on the earth, there was nothing in general, no water, trees, animals, and definitely no humans to be in sight. There was only a god, a giant rock with lava covering it, and an idea about not being lonely. The god’s name was Jebidiah and he was extremely lonely and needed a spouse. It was impossible to make a spouse for himself because there was no solid ground and no oxygen as well. So the god had an idea, he would make a world capable of living in for his outstanding wife to be. He would add the solid ground, oxygen, trees, grass, and fruit trees for the girl to eat. He didn’t cover the entire floor of lava with the dirt but just enough for the girl not to feel the constant heat.…show more content…
One day a little while after the creation of the girl, she decided to take a trip to the edge of the world and the demon tried to talk to her urging her to get closer to the edge to talk to the man in the lava. She almost made this mistake one day, when she got a little closer the demon rose and tried to grab her to take her with him. When he rose, he had missed her just barely. She had the chance to run away to live with Jebidiah for another day. After that day, she continued to visit the demon because she had felt like it was a fun challenge to entice the lava demon and then try and get away unscathed. But as she became even older her reflexes became worse and worse and Jebidiah knew this was happening to her, so he urged her more and more to stay away from the edge of the world. She refused to listen to the god and she visited the demon once
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