Creative Writing: Jeremiel

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I gasped. Jeremiel smiled cheekily down at me. I looked around us: I could see the mountains in the distance, the forest, a far away lake, and even the closest town. The view was spectacular, breathtaking. I looked back at Jeremiel with wide eyes.
“You like it?” He asked somewhat smugly.
I nodded eagerly, grabbing his face between my hands and shoving my lips against his in a sloppy kiss. “I love it,” I said breathlessly once we broke away.
I looked behind him at the magnificent, ivory wings that attached to his back. They must have spanned eight feet on either side of him and reached a foot taller than him. They were huge. I reached out and touched one of the swan-like feathers. The silky texture slipped easily through my fingers.
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Relentless in their torture of my already marred soul.
I refused to return to my room and suffer the pain of another night. I was a broken girl in a world that wanted to beat me down repeatedly, but I couldn't let that happen. I had to fight the demons of my mind and demons of the worlds.
As the days passed into the week, my mood started to lift. I realized that I had a chance. I could fight every obstacle that came my way, human or not. Anything was possible with a little bit of determination, right? Clearly that was what Kelly thought, as she could not take the hint that I had won our war.
I was sitting in the library reading an old classic, when Brie stepped away to find a book for her studying use.
“I’ll be back in a minute. You’ll be okay alone, right?” She asked, a torn look on her face. She always worried about every little things—like leaving me alone for five minutes.
“Go. Find your book. I’ll be fine for a few minutes,” I assured her in the nicest way possible. Brie was such a kind and tender soul, I couldn't imagine being mean to her. It would just break her heart. Brie was one of those people who valued others opinions greatly. And while that could get a little annoying, she was undoubtedly the most down-to-earth person I
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