Creative Writing: Jesszka's Haunted House

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An ancient, foreboding castle was perched atop tall cliffs, fused into the mossy stone as if a giant skeletal hand had sunk its claws into the hard rock. In the evening, its moonlit features looked elegant if eerie, its architecture resembling an unholy union between medieval castle and Gothic cathedral. This was the ancestral home of the Valteele family. A family whose past was as shadowy as their abode; rumors of their occult activities had been spreading like wildfire in the nearby, small town of Sleepywood. The town's inhabitants feared that the place had fallen under the sway of an evil demon lord. The winding path leading to the castle was now being avoided by most travelers. Everything seemed peaceful, though... only the sound of waves…show more content…
Several shadowy figures emerged out of the gate. Their armored appearance suggested that they were members of the castle's garrison. Leading the way was a tall, 5'11'' woman clad in half-plate. Long, red hair flowed past her shoulders and down her back, and her equally red eyes gleamed menacingly in the moonlight. Jesszka, the captain of the guard and a powerful vampire knight in her own right. Above all, she was a loyal servant of the castle's master. With such a mighty lieutenant, it was easy to imagine that the demon lord whom the townspeople were so afraid of was an archdevil of some…show more content…
He was a scraggly-haired man in his 40s. Despite his angry tone of voice, he didn't seem too unhappy to see the little sissy. "How many times do I have to tell ya, you can't just come and work here once a week, whenever it pleases ya!"

The girly boy gave an indignant "hmpf!". Impudent lout! he thought. You should be kissing my feet for the honor of having me in your dirty tavern. This was one of the downsides of having his identity hidden; people didn't show him the respect he was due.

The bartender continued, in between grumbles, "You should quit being a maid at that dusty old castle and put that sweet ass of yours to use here – the customers love ya! And I love their money..."

Ignoring the silly man, Stefan headed over to the big stranger's table, his hips swaying as he strutted. White thigh-high socks covered his legs, but his smooth, sexy thighs were left bare. The boy's tiny feet were locked into a pair of 5'' cream-colored high heels. Smoothing his short skirt, he sat down opposite the man.

"Hello, handsome," the boy purred, his soft, sultry voice matching his feminine appearance. "What brings a hunk like you to these
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