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Tyrion's fingers dug into the dirt as he tried to climb after Jaime. "Come on little brother! You'll be the tallest man in all of Westeros if you can just get up here." Jaime's bright white teeth and charming smile looked down at him. "I'm not Cersie. You won't win me over with your silly smile. Besides, I wouldn't quite call myself a man yet." "My smiles don't always work on Cersie," Jaime said as he bent down to help his brother up. "Well the sun has risen as it has every day since my first name day. Why are we here?" Tyrion asked as the sun greeted Casterly Rock. "We're taking turns. You do something for me, and I'll do something for you. When the sun is full up we'll head back down and do something you want to do." Tyrion shook his…show more content…
Having a pet name is a sign of affection." "Is it really my lord?" Tysha seemed to wonder at this, and then finally said. "Well if I were them, I'd come up with a much more flattering name for you." Tyrion flushed again. "My lord, we have stopped." "What? Oh!" His horse was suspiciously clever and had ridden itself in front of the famed tavern. As always, it was filled with boisterous clientele. "Wait here," Tyrion winked and entered into the cavern. Tyrion slid two gold dragons to the bartender. "A private table for two." "I'll never understand why Lord Jaime needs to be so shy! How about you sit with us in public and the meal will be on us." Tyrion laughed. "Don't let father hear about your offer. He thinks charity is an insult, but I think I should tell you that I don't have the honor of my brother's company." "Oh?" The bartender looked confused and then looked out the window. A wide smile swept his face. "A pleasure as always my lord," the bartender said enthusiastically. He went to the back room and came back with a very amused man and woman. They nodded at Tyrion and left the tavern. "Stall her a bit so I can clean up back there." He turned away. "Oli! Help me with the dishes in the
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