Creative Writing: Kidney Failure

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“Anthony!” My mother beckoned for me to come downstairs “what?” i replied “i have some bad news.” she said back. Intrigued by this i quickly stood up and rushed to the first floor of our house. When i got to the bottom of the stairs i looked at her and asked “what was wrong? Was someone hurt?” my mind raced with questions and i tried to start rifling them off when i was interrupted by her saying “Your father is in the ICU.” my heart sank at those words, as if i was hit by a car. I had known something was wrong with my father for a long time now. Even with how young i was at the time i still had a firm grip on death and how closely it is associated with the ICU. my thoughts were then interrupted by her continuing to speak “he went to go…show more content…
He also had constant blood pressure of about 270/170 the doctors say it was the highest they had ever seen on a conscious living person, but the strangest part was that he was still standing and walking around. I remember him telling me that a priest was reading his last rights to him while he was eating a bag of skittles. They had told us his kidneys were operating at combined efforts only to achieve 5% effectiveness. But out of all the details i will never forget is the general sadness of the hospital when we went to visit him, it felt like it was dense with death and the sounds of the gurneys and carts the nurses were periodically pushing by. I will never forget the look my father gave me when we were playing a board game that was set up in the lobby outside his room. It was a look of a man who did not know what was ahead of him ,or even care for that matter, all he cared about was the time he was spending with me and my sisters at that very moment, none of us wanted that moment of peacefulness and calm to end, but the visiting hours for the ICU said otherwise. I left that hospital that day never knowing if i was going to see my father ever
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