Creative Writing: Kira's First Killings

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The next day I was sitting in task force headquarters, more victims were killed by heart attacks. “All right. Let’s start with the tip line reports.” “Yes, sir. Up to this point we received three thousand twenty-nine responses about the murders via telephone and email…” I had zoned out, ‘man I can't believe we actually found a lead on this investigation… I wonder how L had done it… perhaps he had looked at Kira’s first killings, seeing how the killings had started in the Kanto region. So from there he must had made the inference of starting here first then- just maybe- he would have went to the second place Kira started killing.’ “So that’s how L figure it out…” All the heads in the room had turned to me, whoops, must have said that out…show more content…
I don’t have any ideas for the taskforce what to do since I feel that the taskforce isn’t going to have as many people risking their lives for this case.” “Interesting. Well if that was it, you should being going to lunch now.” “Wait, L” “Yes?” “Can you look through everyone’s files? I want you to check if any of the task force members have children that might be a highschool student… I believe the chief has a son, Light Yagami. You might want to check him out.” “Amazing.” “What is?” “That’s exactly what I was thinking.” “Really?” “Indeed. Anyways we shall discuss this soon, oh. Since you almost missed half of your lunch break, because of me, there is a cafe down the street, if you tell the register person ‘Ryuzaki’ then they shall give you a cake of your choice.” “Oh. Thanks, L. That’s so kind of you. Thank you, I should getting going. I’ll talk to you after my lunch. Bye.” “Farewell, Desiree.” I smile as I walk out the door… ‘Thank you L, for everything that you are doing for us right now…’ ‘I shall work my hardest for you and the world, even if I have to put my life on the line!’ ‘For justice will prevail, justice always ends up winning!’ ‘Say goodbye to your ‘perfect world Kira, because L is going to win this
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